Let’s Start At The Beginning…

What happens in real life when three people decide to put a formal stamp on their creative efforts and start a business? Well, we aren’t experts, but we feel like we have lived in this “small business owner” world long enough to know that it’s a lot different than it looks on Instagram! There were visions of chic tortoise rimmed glasses and messy perfect top knots, a bustling creative warehouse space and sleek laptops. The coffee was always hot and the ideas were always flowing.

Instagram is a powerful tool for connecting people, but we all know the picture painted on the grid isn’t always exactly true. Real life looks a little less… curated, to put it nicely! Our top knots are on the greasy side of shiny and if the coffee is hot, we certainly aren’t drinking it because more than likely, one of our kids needs us right that minute for something. Although not half as glamorous as we might have imagined, this journey to making The Indigo Mill official has been amazing for all three of us. The process of seeing something you have dreamed about for so long come to life is incredible, even if not without bumps and bruises along the way. We are so happy to see this little idea bloom into a real place where we can meet new people and come alongside them to help make some of life’s most important occasions that much more special. YOU, dear reader, are part of our dream come true! Thank you for joining us as we see what lies beyond the bend. Welcome and strap in— here we go!

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